10 Largest Libraries Across The Globe That Every Bookworm Should Experience

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 18, 2023

British Library at London, UK is the largest library with around 170–200 million books

Library of Congress at Washington D.C, USA is the second largest library with 170 million books

Library and Archives Canada at Ottawa, Canada has 54 million books

New York Public Library at New York City, USA has around 20 million books and is one of the popular libraries in the world

Russian State Library at Moscow, Russia has about 47.2 million books

National Library of China at Beijing, China has 37.7 million books

Bibliothèque nationale de France at Paris, France has about 40 million books

National Diet Library at Tokyo, Japan is the largest library in the Japan with 41.9 million books

Royal Danish Library at Copenhagen, Denmark has about 42.5 million books

German National Library at Frankfurt, Germany is home to 18.5 million books

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