Sawan 2023: From Falhari Kachoris To Cream Rolls, 6 Unique Fasting Dishes of MP You Must Try

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 31, 2023

1. Falhari Cream Roll -- It's made up of Ragirah flour and filled with Whipped cream. The best part-- you can enjoy these even during fasts.

2. Falhari Cookies -- MP serves varieties of Falhari cookie made up up Rajgirah and Sindaga flour and topped with dry fruits like Pista, Cashews. And makes the best fasting snack!

3. Falhari HotDog -- Sounds Cool...right! Here, the bun is made up of Singada, Kuttu and Rajgirah flour, whereas the tikki is made up of potato, seasoned with green chillies and black pepper and topped with falhari sev.

4. Falhari Paneer Pakoda -- The Falhari paneer pakoda is similar to normal paneer pakoda, but instead of gram flour they are coated with Kuttu flour (buckwheat).

5. Falhari Kachori -- The Kachori is made up of a perfect blend of Singada, Rajgirah and Mordhan flours and stuffed with potato and paneer.

6. Falhari Samosa -- Similar to kachoris, Rajgiraha or Kuttu flour is used for samosas. It is stuffed with boiled potato, green chilli, salt, coriander, black pepper.