What Is 'Pran Pratishtha' & Its Significance? Chief Priest Of Ayodhya Ram Temple Explains

By: Rahul M | January 20, 2024

The ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony of the Ram lalla idol in Ayodhya temple started on January 17 and will conclude on 22nd of this month.

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However, what is the meaning and significance of 'Pran Pratishtha'?

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Acharya Satyendra Das Maharaj, the Chief Priest of the Ram temple, stated that the 'Pran Pratishtha' ceremony signifies the ritualistic transfer of the deity's soul and spirit into the idol.

He mentioned that through the ceremony, the soul of Lord Ram will be transferred to the idol, involving the recitation of verses from the Vedas.

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"The energy of Lord Ram that we worship, which helps in our well-being and keeps us in good spirits and of sound body and mind at all times, will be transferred to the idol. So, worshipping this idol of Shri Ram Lalla will bring good health and tidings," he said.

According to the chief priest, the ceremony starts with the Kalash Yatra followed by the idol's 'Nagar Bhraman' (tour around town) and a bath in the Saryu river.

“On January 22, the idol will be treated to the rituals surrounding jaladivas, dugdhadivas, pushpavivas, aushadivas, and annadivas before it is bathed. Following this, the 'Pran Pratishtha' would be done through the chanting of Vedic verses,” he said.

The head priest explained that by applying kajal to the idol's eyes, worshippers will be granted permission to witness the deity.

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