Kuber Group Owner Vikas Malu's Love For Rolls Royce; Check Pics

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 26, 2023

An accident in Haryana's Nuh led to the death of two individuals, following a collision between a luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom limousine and a petrol tanker on the New Delhi-Mumbai expressway.

Reportedly, Kuber group owner Vikas Malu was inside the Rolly Royce Phantom car that hit the tanker.

Malu is not only owner of the Kuber group but also his business empire spans 45 ventures across 50 countries.

Malu revels in an opulent lifestyle, owning private jets, extravagant cars, and maintaining friendships with Bollywood celebrities.

According to reports, Malu bought 4 Rolls Royce cars in a go, which explains his love for the opulent limousine.

There are pictures on his social media and various business websites that show him flaunting these RR cars.

In another picture, Malu is seen posing with at least 8 Rolls Royce, the most prestigious car brand in the world.

A vlog on the internet shows Malu owning over 100 cars in his garage, including some of the most expensive luxury and sports cars parked there.