In pics: Life appears to have come to standstill after heavy snowfall in Kashmir valley

By: FPJ Web Desk | January 14, 2023

Windshields of the trucks are covered in snow and the roads too are coated with white sheet of snow

An SUV car on the street in the Kashmir valley- The bonnet of the car is hardly visible due to the thick layer of snow on it.

Two people passing by on the roads of the Kashmir valley, the passersby’s are hardly visible because of the snowfall


A woman walking down a road in the valley


A man on a narrow path of the valley- around him on both sides of the path are trees completely covered in snow. Not a single leaf on the trees are visible.


The Dal lake amid heavy snow. The shikara’s are seen parked in the lake.


A Tata sumo car on the road of the Kashmir valley passing amid the heavy snowfall

A residential area of the valley- looks as though someone painted it and then sprayed it with a dreamy white colour