Pictures: Why Are Towns In Goa Banning Gobhi Manchurian Dish?

By: Rahul M | February 06, 2024

A culinary upheaval has gripped Goa as roadside stalls become battlegrounds. At the center of the storm is gobhi manchurian, gaining popularity and facing a ban.

For the third year, deep-fried cauliflower in spicy sauce has sparked debate in Goa, amidst concerns over synthetic colors and hygiene.

Mapusa councilor Tarak Arolkar proposed banning gobhi manchurian during a 'jatra' event in January.

Mapusa Municipal Council officially backed the ban, signaling the end for the dish in the area.

FDA authorities examined gobhi manchurian for synthetic colors and hygiene, prompting health concerns.

Mapusa Municipal Council chairperson Priya Mishal backed the ban, emphasising health risks and substandard ingredients.

Food safety officer highlighted use of 'reetha' powder and substandard sauces in gobhi manchurian preparation.

Similar measures by other municipal bodies echoed Mapusa's ban, reflecting a unified stance against the dish.

Enforcement actions followed complaints, including closures of gobhi manchurian stalls in Ponda and Mormugao.

The ban has sparked online discussion, with users questioning the rationale behind prohibiting a beloved dish.