RM's ‘Rapper Girlfriend’ turns out to be BTS’ Jungkook

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 11, 2023

BTS' RM, renowned for his boyfriend material qualities, sparked a social media frenzy on May 11 with discussions about his relationship status.

Photos from Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram

Speculations surrounding RM's romantic life have been circulating for some time, ranging from secret wives to secret boyfriends.

Recently, a name, "Soyeon," caught attention when RM posted a photo with the words "namjoon 💙 sooyeon" in hangul, adding fuel to the rumours.

Surprisingly, RM's relationship status became a hot topic again on social media, but with an intriguing twist.

A trending phrase, "래퍼여친" (Rapper Girlfriend), left ARMYs shocked, only to discover it had nothing to do with RM's personal life.

RM had recently posted a photo which ws actually from BLACKPINK's Jennie's Calvin Klein Event. The person with him in the photo had long hairs, making fans assume it's his girlfriemd.

However, ARMY later realised that it was none other than the group's youngest member, Jungkook.

It all happened because the two looked very close in the photos and the fact that jungkook has currently grown long hairs.