AI-love, Oh My Ghost: 6 K-Dramas with Unconventional Romance Storylines

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 08, 2023

Romances is one of the most loved genre in K-dramas & people are willing to overlook the unrealistic elements if the plot gives them butterflies.

Let's have a look at 6 kdramas with 'weird' and unconventional plots that will keep you intrigued:

Cat-turned-boy falls for his owner: In "Meow, The Secret Boy," a graphic designer adopts a friendly street cat who can transform into a human. As love blossoms, the cat struggles to hide his true identity.

The not-sibling sibling tragic romance: "Autumn in My Heart" tells the story of two individuals who grew up as siblings due to a switch at birth. When they reunite later in life, a forbidden romance ensues amidst family opposition and tragic circumstances.

AI-love: "My Holo Love" explores a unique love triangle between a woman, a man, and an AI program. As the woman falls for the AI program, the program's creator also develops feelings for her, leading to a heartwarming tale.

Ghost trying to lose its virginity: In "Oh My Ghost," a shy woman gets possessed by a ghost on a mission to lose her virginity through her host. This supernatural romance takes an unexpected turn as the woman overcomes her insecurities.

Love that stings: "Blade Man" follows a man with physical blades growing from his body due to a tragic past. When he meets a kind-hearted woman, he learns to heal emotionally, and as his emotions soften, the blades on his body do too.

Kidnapped idol falls for the kidnapper: In "I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street," mistaken identity leads to a comical yet unconventional romance. A woman kidnaps an idol, fearing legal consequences, but as they spend time together, their relationship takes unexpected turns.

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