Top 10 MBA Colleges in India As per 2023 Rankings

By: FPJ Education Desk | July 21, 2023

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT- Bombay) is at 10th Position with a score of 68.11

XLRI-Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur has a score of 70.75 is at 9th position.

Indian Institute of Management- Indore with a score of 71.95 is at 8th Place.

National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai has a score of 71.99 is at 7th Position.

Indian Institute of Management Lucknow with a score of 74.11 is at 6th Position.

Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi with a score of 74.14 is at 5th place.

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta with a score of 75.53 is at 4th place.

Indian Institute of Management-Kozhikode with a score of 76.48 is at 3rd place.

Indian Institute of Management-Bengaluru has a score of 80.89 is at 2nd place.

Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad with a score of 83.20 is top ranked Business School in India.

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