Top 10 Global Universities For Clinical Medicine

By: FPJ Education Desk | September 08, 2023

Duke University situated in North Carolina in US is at 10th position with a subject score of 83.9 and global score of 80.7.

Duke University

Columbia University is at 9th place is situated in NewYork, US. It has subject score of 84.2 and global score of 86.5.

Columbia University

University of Oxford is at 8th position with subject score of 84.8 and global score of 86.8.

University of Oxford

University of Pennsylvania, US has subject score of 85.7 and global score of 84 and is at 7th place.

University of Pennsylvania

University of Washington, Seattle is at 6th position with a subject Score of 86.6 and global score of 86.6.

University of Washington

Stanford University in US is at 5th place with a subject score of 87.3 and global score of 95.2.

Stanford University

University of Toronto, Canada is at 4th place, with a subject score of 87.4 and global score of 83.8.

University of Toronto

University of California San Francisco, US has a subject score of 87.8 and global score of 83.9 is at 3rd place.

University of California San Francisco

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore (US) is at 2nd position has a subject score 90.4 and global score 84.7.

Johns Hopkins University

Harvard University, Cambridge (U.S.) has a perfect subject score of 100 and global score of 100.

Harvard University

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