Canada Is Most Preferred Destination For Indian Students; These countries Are Next In List

By: FPJ Education Desk | September 21, 2023

Approximately 1.3 million Indian students enrolled in foreign higher education institutions last year. Canada and USA are the top preferred countries. Here is a list of countries where Indian students prefer to go for higher education.

One of the top destinations for Indian students is Canada. Over 3 lakh Indian students currently reside in the north American country. 1,83,310 went last year for studies.

UK: 34,261 visas were offered to Indian students in 2019. According to MEA report last year 55,465 students went abroad for studies.

United States: In 2022, India surpassed China to become the country with the greatest number of international students in the US. 4,65,791 students went to US last year.

Amid skirmishes going on in Ukraine, Indian students returned to their own country. However, students went back to the east European country to complete their degrees. Since January 2023, around 3,400 students have gone back to war torn Ukraine.

France: As per the government data, 10,003 students went to this western European country for study purposes.

Germany: The country offers the best engineering courses around the globe. last year, 34,864 Indians went there to earn a degree.

Australia is another hotspot for Indian students for education and Jobs. 1,00,009 Indians went to this country last year for higher education.

UAE being the highly developed country in the middle east, 1,64,000 Indians choose to go there to pursue higher education.

Russia is famous for medical courses. Many Indian students prefer to go there to earn a degree in medical sciences.

China: To pursue higher education 6,436 Indian went to the neighboring country in 2022 despite not so good relations between both the countries.

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