5 Lessons Every Student Must Learn From Lord Ram

By: Siksha M | April 18, 2024

Taking on life’s challenges - Despite being born with a silver spoon, lord Ram lived the life of a hermit for more than a decade, without letting it shake his will and determination


Seeing the good in people - Lord Ram's war was with the demon king Ravana, who had the strongest army at the time, and Ram had only his "vanar sena" (monkeys) for support. But he won because he saw the good in people and used what he had wisely.


Showing Humility - Despite being a powerful prince and Lord Vishnu's reincarnation, Lord Ram never let power get to his head, treating everyone equally, including kings, hermits and animals


Never Stop Learning - Even as Vishnu's seventh avatar, Lord Ram was comitted to mastering crucial skills, and proved to be a top student and a skilful warrior


Be A Pillar For Your Family - Ram was beloved by his family and kingdom because he fulfilled every duty flawlessly. He diligently obeyed his father and prepared for fourteen years of Vanvas in the forest