Watch Out For These 5 Signs To Avoid Fake Job Scams

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 15, 2023

Its easy to get swayed when someone offers you a dream job with perks, flexible work hours and well known clients, but as soon as they ask for a small payment to proceed, its time to step back and flag a possible scam.

It's always a confidence booster when someone approaches you out of the blue for a job you didn't even apply for and immediately gives an offer letter. This dream come true could be a nightmare and the offer could be fake.

Every company has salary costs to manage and a structure for increments, and anyone who offers unreal financial growth in a short time is probably fake.

Calling on behalf of banks isn't the only modus operandi for phishing scams, recruiters who ask for too much private and sensitive information before providing an ofer letter should also raise red flags.

When a recruiter doesn't provide clear contact information or a website, or if the job description is too vague, then it's best not to proceed into the dark.