Vatileaks: When Pope Benedict XVI's butler broke the silence on corruption at the Vatican

By: FPJ Web Desk | December 31, 2022

Vatileaks or Vatican Leaks was a scandal that came to light in 2013, that revealed financial irregularities and conspiracies to undermine Pope Benedict XVI's top deputy during his term in the Vatican.

Pope Benedict XVI's butler Paolo Gabriele blew the lid off the web of deceit and corruption at the Vatican by leaking documents, including confidential letters.

The Vatican, despite a vow of austerity by priests, controls $6 billion in assets. A letter leaked as part of Vatileaks, was from an archbishop who flagged corruption in the Vatican's financial dealings.

One document alleged that an ousted Vatican Bank President was charged with psychopathological dysfunction and accused of a homosexual affair by the Pope's Deputy Bertone.

The pope expressed sadness over the entire fiasco, and said that the leaked documents presented an exaggerated picture of the problems at the Vatican.