Toys for adults witness surge in demand in the post-pandemic era

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 30, 2023

The toy industry has seen a rise in teenage and adult consumers with the 'kidults' forming 25% of toy sales with an estimate of $9 billion a year

While some are looking to soothe their anxiety others are looking for it as part of entertainment activities

TikTok has pushed Jellycats plush toys to the homes of young adults. The brand has received over 202,000 mentions online

Even Squishmallows continues to garner attention with a sale of 100 million products and over 10 times the search rate on eBay

Lego sales jumped 17% as kids and adults started to purchase complicated sets like Harry Potter and Star Wars

Mattle Inc's American Girl now also offers new adult cocktails like Bloody Marys as adults started to show up without children

Build-A-Bear Workshop, where kids could design their teddy bear have a line of for adults that in 2022 contributed 40% of its total sales