Rimac Nevera: The Mighty Mediterranean Storm

By: Vikrant Durgale | June 28, 2024

Our new generation of hypercars proudly bears the name and attributes of this exceptional meteorological force of nature, striking with unparalleled speed and severity.

Engineered with precision to push performance to the limit and beyond. Presenting the technology behind Nevera.

Real-time intelligence combined with unparalleled performance makes for an amazing driving experience.

ADAS Hardware 13 cameras 6 radars 12 ultrasonic sensors

Bytes to bolts and back. Our highly skilled engineers source and create the best materials for everything from composites and in-car controls to powertrain components. Everybody

Rimac's sophisticated All Wheel Torque Vectoring system, Nevera determines the torque applied to each wheel over a hundred times per second in order to attain the intended driving dynamic.

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