Loved Succession? Here Are 5 Must-Watch Shows About The Corporate World

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 05, 2023

Probably the most talked about show right now, the family feud in HBO's Succession has uncanny resemblence to a real life media-mogul and investor's dispute with his children as well as scandals in the media industry.

This Showtime series on Hotstar that premiered in 2016, is loosely based on US Attorney Preet Bharara's prosecution of financial crimes by hedge fund manager Steven Cohen and presents it as an engaging battle on Wall Street.

Most music lovers use or are aware of Spotify, this Swedish Netflix series delves into the origins of the platform that transformed the way we consume music from perspectives of its founders and other stake holders who played their part in its development and rise.

Crypto scams and the dubious dealings of their founders have shaken up the world, which is why you should check out Startup on Amazon, which features three strangers that create a digital currency to conceal black money and attract the FBI's attention.

Another show about the music industry, Hulu's Empire follows a drug dealer-turned hip hop tycoon who is forced to choose a successor after learning about an ailment that could cause his early death.

An HBO series that beautifully tells the startup success stories with its challenges and hopes, Silicon Valley had a run from 2014 to 2019, and also served as an inspiration for TVF Pitchers in India.