In Pics: The Apple Vision Pro Headset's Most Exciting Features

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 06, 2023

Lets start with the design, if you've moved over the resemblance to ski goggles, the Vision Pro has a continuous front panel to wrap the eyes and conceals a fan that cools the hardware within, and Zeiss also developed magnetic lenses for those with prescription glasses.

The visuals will be captivating with one display for each eye, equipped with 3D lens to provide clarity of 23 million pixels. Add HDR and Wide Colour, and the headset promises an immersive experience.

The vision pro comes with IR cameras to track the movement of a user's eyes, while cameras on the front monitor hands, and lidar sensors send out waves to detect the position of objects around the person.

Apart from 23 sensors and six mics, the headset has Apple's chip that cuts out the lag and streams images to the headset eight times faster than the blink of an eye. A live feed of your eyes on the front of the display, also gives the illusion that the headset is transparent.

Now for the moment of truth, like every Apple product that leaves people breathless, the Vision Pro also has a price that'll claim a kidney. It will be available for $3,499, which is almost Rs 3 lakh, so start saving up for the down payment.