In Pics: Mercedes Offers A Glimpse Of Its Electric Future With The One-Eleven Concept Car

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 19, 2023

Apart from the retro inspiration reflected from its bright orange colour and gullwing doors, the Mercedes One Eleven concept car is also futuristic with a pixel panel in place of a grille, that displays messages to motorists around.

It has been inspired by the C111 concept model which was introduced back in the 1960s and was only used for testing and development programs.

The One Eleven is powered by arial flux motors, backed by liquid cooled cells by the brand's Formula 1 division.

The arial flux drive train featured in the One Eleven will be integrated into future Mercedes models to transform electric mobility as it delivers higher torque while being light weight.

The F1 style steering can be customised as per the driver's preferences, and will be accompanied by a pixelated screen for displaying driver info as well as a touch screen which will offer augmented reality functions.