From Vipasana Meditation To Sewing Classes, Parts Of Jack Dorsey's Life That May Surprise You

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 14, 2023

Years after he launched Twitter, Jack Dorsey had been ousted as CEO in 2008 as his focus on sewing classes raised concerns among investors.

Dorsey's fitness routine includes just one meal a day in the evening and intense 7-minute workouts or walking to work. The former CEO doesn't visit the gym and relies on an app instead of a trainer.

Dorsey also practices Vipasana meditation, and takes 3-minute ice baths every day and spends 15-minutes in the sauna.

Dorsey's dating life has been low key, but he has still been linked to models such as Raven Lyn Corneil and Lily Cole.

Dorsey didn't know what a text message was until 2005 and only found out about it when a girl asked him to text instead of calling. He also made origami cranes as a way to woo women.