From luxury bars to rescue missions, the iconic journey of Boeing 747 in pictures

By: FPJ Web Desk | December 08, 2022

The first Boeing 747 hit the tarmac in 1969 in Everett.

Its first commercial flight was between JFK Airport, New York and Heathrow Airport, London in 1970.

From 1973, NASA also started using specially modified Boeing 747s to transport space shuttles.

In the 70s, luxury travel was redefined by lounges and bars on the second deck, such as this one in Air France.

The lower deck of American Airlines' Boeing 747 used to have a Piano Bar.

Air India had used the Boeing 747 aircraft to rescue Indians from Kuwait in 1990, as Iraq invaded the country.

The Boeing 747 has also served as the US President's official aircraft, Air Force One since the 1990s.

Pan Am's aircraft named Clipper Young America was the first Boeing 747 to be hijacked in 1970, before being taken to Cuba.

This year, eight Namibian Cheetah's were carried to India on a Boeing 747-400 cargo aircraft.

The 1,574th and last Boeing 747 being rolled out, before it will be delivered to a cargo carrier.