EV Master Is Back: Tesla Model 3 Gets Facelift With New Upgrades

By: G R Mukesh | July 03, 2024

Tesla's Model 3 gets a facelift and is back with some new upgrades.

The standard rear-wheel-drive has the range of over 400 Km.

Tesla appears to have laid emphasis on its exterior with new headlights and taillights to the car.

Inside the car has ambient lighting and charging pads. It also has an 8 inch display for passengers in the back seat.

Originally launched in 2017, the American EV giant has also made upgrades to the quality of the material used inside.

The Tesla 3 has a tough battle to fight with the BMW i4, the BYD Seal, and the Volkswagen ID 7 in the arena.

The new upgraded Tesla Model 3 currently only available in the US, is estimated to be in the range of Rs 70-90 lakh.

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