Drive The Lightning: Maserati Launches Greyscale Folgore EV Rendition

By: Juviraj Anchil | March 13, 2024

Maserati is injecting energy into its lineup with the introduction of the 2024 Grecale Folgore, an electric iteration of its latest Grecale SUV.

The name of the EV, 'Folgore', in Italian stands for Lightning.

With the Horsepower under wrap, Folgore will generate up to 799.9 nm of torque.

The Grecale Folgore is equipped with a substantial 105.0-kWh battery capacity.

The vehicle is estimated to give a range of 482.803 KM per charge.

The Folgore will take on the BMW iX and the Jaguar i-Pace.

The 2024 Maserati Folgore EV is estimated to be priced at Rs 62,17,083 lakh.

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