Check out 5 new features ChatGPT-4 offers, including website creation and image analysis

By: FPJ Web Desk | March 16, 2023

With the ability to generate content using text and visual prompts, ChatGPT-4 is multimodal and can provide 25,000 word responses, up from the 3,000 word limit for ChatGPT-3.5, for more comprehensive info.

While previous versions were dependent entirely on text inputs, ChatGPT-4 can spot elements in images to analyse them.

Instead of responding in the same tone to all users, ChatGPT-4 has different mannerisms, including a Socratic style to answer questions with another question.

Amid concerns about its use by students to cheat, ChatGPT-4 has done better than its previous versions to clear the US Bar Exam and Graduate Record test.

Website creation will be transformed and sped up, as ChatGPT can create an entire webpage simply by looking at a hand-drawn sketch of a website on a piece of paper.