Beyond Sam Altman, Meet The Minds Shaping AI Products For Tech Giants

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 08, 2023

Although Sam Altman may be the face of ChatGPT's developer OpenAI, the real creator behind the generative AI is Albanian-born engineer Mira Murati, who is the firm's Chief Technology Officer.

Apple may not have made tall claims about challenging ChatGPT yet, but it has already appointed its senior VP of engineering John Giannandrea as the chief for AI and Machine Learning strategy.

Long before ChatGPT started talking like people, French computer scientist Yann LeCun joined Meta to train AI to reason like animals and human beings. He has also called Elon Musk's warning of AI as an existential threat ridiculous.

Amazon's Alexa apart from Siri was among the most interactive examples of AI chatbots before ChatGPT took over. The man behind it, Rohit Prasad is Amazon's Senior VP and Head Scientist for Alexa.

Geoffrey Hinton dubbed the Godfather of AI, left Google after waring about risks posed by the technology. Now Google's foray into AI is led by Jeff Dean, who barred his staff from sharing knowhow with outsiders after ChatGPT outsmarted Bard.