Auto Sales May 2023: Bajaj Auto's domestic sales grows by 103%

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 01, 2023

Bajaj Auto's total sales in May is at 3,55,148 including domestic sales of 2,28,401 units and exports of 1,26,747 units

Total sales jumps by 29 per cent against 2,57,868 units sold in May 2022

Baja Auto's domestic sales jumped by 103 per cent to 2,28,401 in comparison to 1,12,308 units sold in the same month last year

Exports in May dropped by 23 per cent to 1,26,747 against 1,63,560 units sold last year

Sale of 2-wheelers jumped by 23 per cent in May 2023 to 3,07,696 vs 2,49,499 in May 2022

The sale of commercial vehicles in May saw a spike of 80 per cent to 47,452 units against 26,369 last year