All about Vivek Ramaswamy, the Indian-American CEO in the US Presidential race

By: FPJ Web Desk | February 23, 2023

Born to a family with roots in Kerala in Ohio in 1985, Vivek Ramaswamy attended Ivy League institutions Harvard and Yale, and was a nationally ranked tennis player in school.

He founded the biotech firm Roivant to help medicines of other firms reach markets despite financial constraints, and raised $1.1 billion from Softbank in 2017.

Ramaswamy was also behind the biggest biotech IPO of Myovant Sciences in 2016, and also signed deals for a prostate cancer drug and female infertility medicine through it.

He has been a vocal critic of ESG investments by companies, which are made by corporates to address long term environmental and social impact.

He has called Black Lives Matter a movement used by China to deflect attention from its own human rights record, and is against woke liberalism which he holds responsible for the death of merit.

Ramaswamy has also authored a book slamming corporate wokeism, and stands against climate action by corporations, calling social justice a scam. He has launched his Presidential campaign as a Republican on the same plank.

His book Woke Inc further sheds light on his vision to restore the American national identity, and opposition to race-based job quotas, climate action and central bank e-currencies, such as the RBI's digital rupee.

Billionaire Bill Ackman, who called Hindenburg's report against Adani highly credible, has also predicted that Ramaswamy will beat the likes of Trump and Nikki Haley to become US President.