Madhya Pradesh: 7 less explored spots of Pachmarhi you must visit this summer

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 01, 2023

1. Rajat Pratap Waterfall, cascading from the height of 107 m, looks like a silver strip falling straight into the forests. It is just a 10-minute adventurous trial from Apsara Vihar Falls.

2. Apsara Vihar Waterfall is a gem hidden deep inside the jungle of Pachmarhi. The waterfall cascades from 30 feet height to form a pool of chilled water. This is one of the most popular haunts for travellers and picnickers to take a break from the monotony

3. Reechgarh is just a short drive away from Dhoopgarh. It is a group of rocky cliffs with cave-like formations between them. Locals believe these caves were once home to sloth beers, called 'reech' in hindi, and hence the name 'Reechgarh'.

4. Duchess Waterfall is surrounded by the lush green vegetation and falls down in different tiers. The cool and clear waters fall from a height of 230 feet, giving you a much-needed dose of refreshment.

5. Chieftain’s Cave are the stone Age caves. They have paintings of hunting and battle scenes. A painting illustrates a tale of battle between two great chieftains. It is one of the most camera-friendly locations to go on a picnic with friends!

6. Rajendragiri sunset point Rajendragiri sunset point is a spectacular sunset viewpoint near Pachmarhi, named after the first president of India - Dr Rajendra Prasad as he was a frequent visitor to this spot.

7. Priyadarshini Point (Forsyth Point) Forsyth Point was discovered by Captain Forsyth in the year 1857 which explains the name. Layers of hills rolling on each other and laden with clouds and mist is a sight to behold.


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