Independence Day 2023: From Boondi Laddus To Chocolates, How Sweet Distribution In Schools Transformed Since 90s

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 15, 2023

India's Independence Day which marks the country's freedom from 200 years of British rule is celebrated with great zeal in schools across the country. As a kid, we all were always excited when our teacher would bring boxes full of sweets for distribution in class.

Remember the school days during 1990s, when Independence Day celebration and Boondi laddus were almost synonymous? 15th August actually felt incomplete without a 'Desh Rangeela' performance and a pack of laddus.

Another mouth watering Indian sweet jalebi is a popular alternative to Boondi Laddu in schools during Independence Day or Republic Day celebrations.

Apart from laddus and jalebis, some schools also opted for the delicious 'Petha' as it is more convenient to store than the former two.

And as the years passed by and we entered 2000s, schools started distributing kachoris and samosa as part of celebrations.

As we moved near 2020, chocolates replaced boondi laddus. Well, a sweet is a sweet, be it a laddu or chocolate. Much more convenient in storing and transportation, schools now prefer to distribute packs of toffees and chocolates on Independence

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