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Swedish village applies for name change because its called..

The residents of the village are reportedly tired of being censored when writing about their place on Facebook.
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A Swedish village name "Fucke" has witnessed some embarrassing time owing to its name and hence the residents of the village have finally applied for a change of name to the government officials, reports The Local.

The residents of the village are reportedly tired of being censored when writing about their place on Facebook and are now waiting for a new name for their picturesque locality in-order to get rid of such troubles. The beautiful village is located on the High Coast of Sweden and is a home to only eleven properties.

The village is situated on the banks of a lake called Fuckesjön (“Fucke Lake”). Although the names may take English speakers by utter amusement, the nomenclature dates back to the sixteenth century. The Institute of Language and Folklore showcase that the earliest records of Fucke date back to 1547, reported Daily Mail.

The report informed that the residents aren't satisfied with the name as whatever they post on Facebook gets censored.

And, now to resolve the matter, the homeowners in the village have decided to write to The National Survey of Sweden to change the village's name from “Fucke” to “Dalsro”, which means "quiet valley." Though the new name has a nice meaning, it may take months to complete the formalities.

A report in 'The Local' has said that the name "Fucke" did not have a clear meaning. A researcher from the Institute for Language and Folklore said, "There is a suggestion for interpretation that it could mean ‘wedge-shaped piece of earth', from the Old West Norse word fokka, but that interpretation doesn't explain the sound change [The change in vowel from ‘o' to ‘u']. So it's unclear."

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Published on: Wednesday, January 19, 2022, 10:43 AM IST