Agony Aunt shares how to ask for appraisal, deal with jealous co-workers

Longing for appraisal

I’m a 31-year-old man working in the field of event management. I’m quite competent and know for sure I’m very good at the work I do. I have a full-fledged team working under me, and can confidently say ours is the most productive and successful. The director of the company doesn’t seem to enjoy my success although I work for his own company. I am long overdue a raise and appraisal but he keeps delaying it. He hasn’t agreed to increase my salary either and instead has doubled my work load. This company is reputed and thus don’t want to quit yet. He is always unhappy with my work no matter how big an event I bring to the table. What’s the issue here?

Ans: It seems you are long overdue your talk with the director as the issue seems to exist at a level where your growth in the company is concerned. It might appear that he is against your promotion but without knowing it as a fact, throwing accusations would not result in anything positive. Communicating about your requirements explicitly could pave way for developments which could lead to career changing decisions.

Jealous senior

I am a 29-year-old marketing manager, currently doing well enough in my job. I have a senior to whom I must report to on a daily basis. Everyone in the office says I do a much better job than him and our roles should be reversed. I don’t let such comments affect my attitude towards him and work with all due respect. However, he seems to be always competing with me, jealous of my success and praise from the boss and also under-values my work. He removes all his frustration on me, makes me work longer hours, dumps his extra work on me and even gives me work to do twice just so he can do other important work from the boss to impress him. Should I complain to the HR? How else can I tackle this?

Ans: From what you mention, there is certain hostility that is being used in your senior’s behaviour which I agree would be difficult to face on daily basis. Transparency is usually the key to start with the tough job of confronting an individual. Intervention from your end could be telling your senior about what you feel and make him realise that you wish to take certain action against it as well. You will be in a better position to then take a call as to whether lodge a formal complaint or not.

Matter of sexuality

I’m a 23-year-old homosexual boy working in a leading fashion magazine in Mumbai. Although all the women really like me, I sense a masked hatred and un-comfort coming from the men. Homosexuality is very accepted and open in our industry but the men here seem to be very wary of it. They don’t like me working on projects with them, always chose the girls over me and ignore me at their best efforts. Their professional attitude towards me is normal but I know they possibly mock my personal way of life. What must I do?

Ans: Different people would have a differing view over the prevalent trends in the society. One can’t possibly change the attitude that others have but what can be done is staying strong with your set of beliefs. I agree it is difficult to be a topic of discussion amongst people who have no idea as to what you are facing. You could possibly affiliate yourself with those who you are comfortable with and not relentlessly make an effort for everyone to like you. This could help feel ease at work.

Careless employees

I am a senior level manager in a real estate company and have lately realised that my employees haven’t been taking me seriously as there are gross errors in their work and no ownership of responsibility. Even the rectification of the errors takes a long time. I feel my leadership skills are at test every day and it is frustrating as I am not an aggressive person to begin with. I don’t know how to resolve this. I can’t let the company suffer due to these internal disturbances.

Ans: Leading a group of people could be tricky at times as complacency sets in over a period of time if things don’t see a visible change. You might want to look into bringing about a change in your approach towards the employees where they are made to focus towards being efficient and rectifying the errors than the fact that they goofed up. Firm but kind approach is the key. Here if you let your ego come into the way the employees might rebel or worse be completely disrespectful towards you which might lead to additional problems. Setting in timelines for the tasks could also be of help.

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