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Rift with the boss 

I am 27-years-old. I like my current job and see progress in it too, but I have been getting into rifts with my boss and that is decreasing my job satisfaction. I don’t know how to deal with this, as I don’t want to lose out on this job, but if this continues then I don’t think I will last here long. I have tried to apologise to him and get to know what exactly the issue is, but there has been no progress.

Ans: Issues with boss could stem from various reasons and you are struggling with fact that the reason is absent. At times our own perceptions might be projecting the fear as to what is wrong on our part or are we at fault? This creates situations where you end up apologising for something that you may not have done thus, creating even more barriers. Identify the triggers for the rifts, so that the avoidable ones can be avoided and the unavoidable ones can be better managed.

‘AC’ for thought

I am a 29-year-old female. The AC of my cabin is not working, and my clients also have been feeling uncomfortable because of this. I have told my boss about it and he said that it’s not our responsibility to get it fixed. Because of all this, my relationship is getting bad with both, my boss and my clients. 

Ans: If your work performance is getting affected and your clients are left dissatisfied, it means that your boss is also at a loss. Try and explain your boss the same with some statistical proof. Additionally, you may volunteer to fix-up your own AC or get a new one by yourself to avoid putting any pressure on your boss, where s/he would just have to approve of the bills and not bother him/her with any other work related to it.

Juggling work and home

I am 28-years-old and got married a few months ago. My in-laws and husband are absolutely fine with me working. However, in the last one month, I was getting home late from work as I am working on an important project. This was making me feel guilty and so I had been trying to spend more quality time at home, which started affecting my work as I could not give enough time to work as I should. Now, I feel torn between the two. How do I cope?

Ans: Optimum work life balance is essential in order to be stress free on both the fronts. Being in a conflict situation here could be attributed to certain factors, such as effective time management, being assertive and able to say no when necessary and most importantly asking for help when needed. I understand that you would want to do best in each area of your life, however if you falter a little, do give yourself some allowance rather than reprimanding self or feeling inadequate.

Patience is the key 

I am a 25-year-old boy. I have just started working at a company and it’s taking me time to get a hang of the professional world. In this process, my efficiency at work is becoming very low and I feel guilty because of this, I might lose out on opportunities and that is causing more trouble for me. I have always wanted to work hard and excel in life, but this seems to be a slow process. What should I do in this situation? Am I not doing something right?

Ans: You mentioned that you are learning the ropes around the company which might take substantial amount of time in order to reach a level of excellence. This learning period could give you a lot in terms of experience and exposure as well as a space to make errors. Find out the areas of difficulties that you have at the moment that are causing the delay in learning so that you can accordingly plan out certain actions in order to improve your skills and progress at work. Additionally, you fear that you might lose out on opportunities due to taking too much time which has also been playing on your mind like a vicious cycle. In order to break this cycle, it is necessary to understand that being patient with self and at the same time putting in best of your efforts is essential. Patience and honest efforts will eventually play out the benefits for you.

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