Agony Aunt helps you to deal with workplace problems

Stagnant work life

Hello, I am 29-year-old male working with a company as a marketing head for the past 5 years. I feel there is no more scope of any growth and I am finding it difficult each day to go work. I wish I could do something more than what I am doing now but don’t know how to figure that out. Would consulting someone for professional advice be a good idea?

Ans: You have spent a considerable amount of time at this workplace to now start defining your job role even more precisely so that you get a picture as to whether there exists any scope for you to continue here or then look for something else. With work experience you now know what you want and are good at and which areas aren’t your strongest suit or need more of efforts. Skill building course of some sorts could help open avenues for you if this option is to be considered. Consulting someone for professional would definitely be a good idea as you will get an insight into current market scenario and requirements and what could suit you better.

The negative co-worker

There is a person in my office that is extremely negative in approach towards everyone around. Whenever we pass across her table she grumbles about someone or the other and it annoys me a lot. I work with all of them and feel very irritated with the constant negative comments thrown around. She has issues with everyone in general I feel and I can’t take it any longer. Can I do anything about this?

Ans: Negativity can be very exhausting and I can understand your state here. Since it is one individual who is against everyone and everything, maintaining a healthy distance from the person could be started. She speaks to others as there are listeners, but if there is lack of listeners, she would eventually get discouraged in this process. You may also want to encourage more of positive talks around her so that she has little space to add in her negativity. All of you as a team have to stand against this unacceptable behaviour. Thus, discuss it amongst your other members and get things in order so that you all are on the same page while tackling with this issue.

Dilemma of leaves

I work in a corporate sector where there is clear demarcation of leaves allotted for all of us. I work with a team of five members and they don’t seem to stick to the leave routine so that everyone can benefit. We can’t take leaves together and few of them go ahead and do the same. I am losing my patience here as I had to cancel a family plan because the workload was too much to be handled by one person alone. What can be done here?

Ans: Since you have mentioned that there are already rules set in for the leaves, it is also imperative for your team leader to see to it that the rules are followed through. Call in for a team meeting and address this issue with team leader as well as other members as such things dealt with transparency leave less room for any miscommunication. Everyone needs to be given a rundown of the leave regulations so that uniformity is maintained. Approaching HR could be another way.

Lonely, helpless employee

My superior recently was asked to leave due to some negligence at work which resulted in huge loss. I was working closely with him during that project but had no clue of his actions. I am afraid this might soon come up in my review and I might be next to go. I really like working here and I am a hard-working person. Am I thinking too much?

Ans: The anxiety is quite apparent here as the implications of your ex-boss’s actions lead to his termination. However, had there been any collateral damage, it would have been taken care while the company was investigating the whole thing. Since you haven’t been called in for any such cross-questioning, it is probably safe to assume that the concerned person has been punished and you can focus on your work rather than worrying about what could have happened. Your fear is getting better of you here and is causing over thinking and since you know for sure that you weren’t in the wrong, the fears can take a back seat and you could put all of your attention on the work and make a place for yourself as a good employee. In the process also enjoying your work.

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