Agony Aunt helps you to deal with workplace problem

Work overload

My job is very taxing but it is very well paying and I have always wanted to work at this company. The problem is that my company requires us to connect our phones to the company portal. Due to this, we receive updates about work constantly, even after work hours. This stresses me out a lot as I tend to leave what I am doing and sit down to complete that task. When I am out with friends and I receive an update, I get distracted and keep thinking about work instead of enjoying. Also, my boss is always travelling to America. As a result, we receive work emails at odd hours here. This also stresses me out as I am a very light sleeper and I wake up at the sound of a message. I cannot sleep afterwards thinking about the pending work I have to do. Please help me as I don’t know how to cope with this situation.

Ans: What you need is a good work home balance, it is easy said then done, but this will be crucial if you want to survive happily in this fast paced competitive world. You don’t want to tear your hair apart trying to do your job at the same time you cannot wait for everything to fall in place and then achieve your goals. At times it is important to see the method you are using and try to work smart instead of working hard alone, it can merely be the way you channelize your work. One vital step will be to change you attitude and not think everything is about you, for instance every mail that pings on your phone need not be for you, so give yourself some particular time to change, rather than jumping at every beep. Also check with yourself, your personality if a trait like being compulsive is not helping you, in other words if your need to finish the task as soon as it is assigned to you, is something that’s more of a problem, rather if you learn to give yourself a reasonable timeline to pursue your work with a proper designated schedule and commit your effort only during that hour it may prove to be more fruitful for you. Not only will it help you to stay focused only that the given time and enjoy the rest of the time but also whatever you do in that scheduled work it may be a better result overall than trying to squeeze your mind the whole day. Additionally whenever your boss travels and send you the mail, check with him if he expects you to do the assignment right away or is it expected next morning, or then you can adjust your sleep timings if possible to your boss’s travel time, obviously this may not be possible all the time so it can be followed when he travels to certain countries.

Family at ‘work’

I am on a senior post in the company I work at. I have employed a lot of people from my family in the company. I didn’t do this because they are family. The people I hired are well educated and well qualified for their respective jobs. I don’t treat them as family when at work but like any other employee. I shout at them when they make a mistake and reward them when they do something good. Recently, I have been getting this feeling that one of my relative, who is working with me, is trying to replace me. This is very distressing for me as I have worked very hard to be where I am today. His actions are subtle and he isn’t making a show of it but since I know him, I can tell what his intentions are. I don’t want us to be against each other but at the same time, I want to resolve this situation and make sure that he knows his place. Please help me.

Ans: Your feelings can be very true and trust your instincts when it is asking you to be cautious, and keep guarded. Obviously avoid going over the board and start to get paranoid, just take your decision carefully. You be yourself and work the way you always did, you need not feel insecure, carry on as you would otherwise take care of your work, only when this man is involved just revise your thoughts that you are being rational and taking your call with watchfulness. Since he is not making a show you avoid that too, you are in changer and you have the right to lead him, so do it with careful planning, not in a way that you affect him emotionally or physically but just to keep him away from all the menace that he can possibly get into and create trouble for you. Try not to bring it up as you don’t want to make him aware of the fact that you know he is up to something. You keep going, but just be cautious.

Moving back home
I have been working in a company in Dubai for 8 years now. My boss has recently decided to fold the company. I have never prepared for this situation and I don’t know what to do as I have no back-up plan. The pay out here is fantastic but the market is not very stable. I have family back in India but I don’t know whether I will find a job that pays as good as this one and would be able to take care of my family. As I am on a senior level, I would be one the last few people to leave the job and thus have time to decide. I really need your guidance regarding this as I need to start planning now.

 Ans: You have stayed good long years in Dubai and that adds on to the benefits of applying for you new jobs, as that is what you should opt for. At least give it a try since you mentioned that you have some time on you and meanwhile if you get a good opportunity you may find yourself lucky. If you think nothing is coming your way then you can probably think of even trying in India, you are just assuming that you will not get a good pay roll in India, but there is no harm in trying, also something will be better than nothing. For a while till conditions in Dubai improve and you get better options, you can continue with whatever chance you get and something will definitely work out eventually. Be patient, it’s the situation to blame and everyone gets a hardship moment, it’s the way you handle these situations that determines your strength as a person. So continue trying and wait for the right knock on the door of success again.

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