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Choosing the correct workplace

It’s been three years since I have been at my current workplace and I have been a responsible employee throughout. I recently got sought out by another firm who is ready to offer me a hike and few other perks. I am however not completely convinced that I should take this leap right now. I am unable to decide what could be an ideal time to shift and move ahead. What can help me?

Ans: The prospect of getting a new job with perks can be looked from a different angle than it merely being an upgradation from the current one. You have been sought by a different firm and are being offered a better package which means that they do value your talent and merit. Thus, if you feel the current workplace is giving you all that it can offer and nothing more and you are confident that you could excel more than what you are doing at the moment might help. A practical call at this point is essential.

The excluded employee

Last month I overheard a colleague inviting people to her house for a party. I didn’t receive an invitation and didn’t pay much attention as we aren’t that close to each other. However, she did the same thing this month and invited almost the entire office but not me. This time I surely feel left out and don’t know how to feel in this situation. I don’t want to sound petty.

Ans: The reason why this might be causing a concern to you could be the fact that it is getting to you emotionally. Last month you might have brushed it off as her not being able to connect with you. However, this time around her behaviour has caused an upheaval as the colleague has certainly left you out. Here, rather than assuming the worst have a conversation with her about this indifference towards you so that you know her reasons and if there is anything that both of you could do regarding this situation.

Partnership in trouble

I started a business 4 years ago with a co-founder and work’s been amazing. I am planning on expanding even further however my partner wants to stick to where we are. I am experiencing a rift with him over this as we aren’t coming to a middle ground. This is causing difficulty in our communication and I can sense this affecting our partnership as well. How do I resolve this?

Ans: Often in partnership, such instances occur and one is left with making tough decisions. Here, the communication is getting affected probably because each of you wants the other to concede to their ideas. In order to resolve this, both need to speak their mind and ideas and address this as a difference in opinion rather than who is right or wrong. Once you have had a better understanding of how each of you thinks, there will be accommodation for the ideas on each of your part. This is the middle ground you mentioned above.

Business advise for friend

My friend ventured into opening a café and has been successful in managing it for the past one year. When I visited him recently at the café, I realised that he could do much more than what he is doing currently in order to get more business. I don’t have a formal degree in business management so to speak and am not sure how well my suggestions would be received. Should I simply take the chance?

Ans: The educational degree has its own importance and weightage when it comes to emphasizing one’s viewpoint in the specialised field. However, that being said, degree alone doesn’t suffice for the talent. Since you have ideas that could benefit your friend, expressing them in a way that merely reflects your expression and not implies that you ‘know-it-all’ should work well. At the end of discussion if the ball is left in your friend’s court he would be more likely to consider your ideas as a potential benefit.

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