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Conflict of choosing

I am in the process of quitting my current job after working at this place for 3 years. I have my own reasons to do so. I have another job in hand with my previous employees. They have agreed to my conditions without any negotiations. However, my current job is providing me with added bonus and incentives. I feel torn between the two offers. What should I do?

Ans: This is a case of approach-approach conflict as both the options are lucrative for you. The thought of quitting the current job and shifting would have been a strong one for you to apply and go for an interview. At the moment figuring out apart from the counteroffer by your current employee what is another compelling reason for you to reconsider. This could help you get an answer to your dilemma as to which offer should you take up. Additionally, laying down pros and cons from an external perspective could also help as it will be devoid of personal biases.

Matter of doubts

I finished my MBA in Finance few months ago. I have a job in hand which is paying me well. However, it is a strictly corporate job which allows less time for anything else in life. I thought I would be okay with this job structure as we were given rigorous training during the course. I am now sceptical as to how I will be in actual job scenario. What can I do?

Ans: The simulation during training period assimilates us with the reality to certain degree. How things would turn out in the actual job depends not just on what you are likely to expect and how you would perform, but also how your reactions are towards unexpected events. Giving yourself time to get accustomed to the job scenario could be of great help as you operate less on pre-conceived notions and more to do with the existing situations. The actual job scenario will be a reality only when you actually participate in it thus, rendering your anxiety as being a result of thinking too ahead in time.

Partnership in peril

I joined hands with my business partner 4 years ago and it has been a smooth journey up until last month. We disagreed on few things and since then he has been threatening to quit. We are equal partners and hence his idea of quitting is a huge setback for me and the company. I am not sure as to how to navigate in this situation.

Ans: In a business relationship if things go sour not only the personal feelings but also the overall professional equilibrium is affected. Since you are experiencing this disturbance in the equilibrium, I can understand your apprehension. Since your partner is operating in threats, it seems unlikely that he will concede without having his way around. If you do not wish to give into his threats and also wish to protect your self-interest, finding an alternative to the current business arrangement is essential so that any setback from your partner doesn’t hurt too much professionally. In case he follows through the threat, securing the company to the best of interests for both of you should be the aim. Rope in professionals who you could consult and seek a solution to this situation at hand.

Mounting insecurities

I work in a small private organisation as an accountant. This is my 12th year with the organisation. I have worked diligently so far and have never received any negative feedback. There has been an inclusion of a new younger accountant and I am feeling insecure of her. She is very smart and has made quick friendships. I am not sure as to how I can shake off this feeling of insecurity.

Ans: The feeling of insecurity could stem due to various factors. In your case, if the new entrant is making friends and finding her own space doesn’t necessarily has to mean that you will be sidelined in the process. She is finding her own space and you could either be accommodating towards her as she is going to be working with you or your insecurity could take over and create that hostile barrier which might be tough to work around. Thus, rather than having an outlook which gives rise to insecurity, focus more on establishing a cordial professional equation with her. Having faith in your capacities and your contribution at work also is required for you to not be so negatively affected by her presence.

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