Agony Aunt helps to handle common workplace challenges

The hateful boss 

I have been working at a corporate office since the last four years. Last year, we got a new boss. Our new boss is friendly and warm to most others at the office except for me. He always finds fault in my work and shouts at me. I have never talked ill about him or done something that might have upset him, but I don’t understand why he behaves in this manner to me. What can I do so that he starts liking me and is nice to me too?

Ans: The approach here needs a slight alteration as making any changes in the way you behave might not directly create an impact on your boss’s liking towards you. Instead of looking at ways to impress him in order to make him like you, have a conversation with him to understand where he thinks you are good at your work and what areas have scope for improvement. Thus, you are getting an insight as to what he thinks about you in a positive light as well as where he might find faults. Then working on your faults should be the prime aim as it will automatically leave less space for him to critic.

Monotony of work life

I have been working the same job since the last 10 years. I am 52 years old and now feel I am very unhappy with my job. Although my family is very happy with my job position and my earnings, I feel that I am not satisfied with what I do. I have started to dislike waking up in the morning and going to work. My everyday life seems very monotonous and this has caused me to feel depressed. What should I do so that I can revive the liveliness in my life again?

Ans: The monotony could be over bearing especially if you are also feeling stifled. Your happiness is important to consider as fulfilling responsibilities isn’t the only aim of your life. if you are unhappy, that might trickle down into the family environment as well thus, defeating the purpose of keeping everyone happy. In order to bring liveliness, look for job options that are more suitable to you even if there’s a cut in income. The family might have to get used to the change, but adaptability teaches us a lot. If that’s not possible immediately, bringing about few changes in the current role could also help to break the monotony.

An employee’s pain

I am a 27-year-old working man. I have been working at the same place for the last two years and have more work experience and skills than a few of my superiors. Despite this, they have all gotten promoted, but I find it hard to get promoted due to my age. This frustrates me as I am more efficient and capable than them, but am unable to progress due to my age. They are all senior to me in age. I don’t know what I could do so that I get noticed and get the promotion that I deserve. Please help me with the same.

Ans: At times directness and forwardness does wonders, especially if played your cards right. You have confidence and caliber needed for the job and if you can deliver the results without being arrogant then approach your seniors and put forth this suggestion by nominating yourself for the promotion. Have enough knowledge to answer for yourself if asked ‘why do you think you are more deserving candidate for the promotion’. If you lay down all the points convincingly then age is just a number.

Agony Aunt helps to handle common workplace challenges

The office stress

I am a 32-year-old female. I will soon start my job at a law firm. But I am very nervous and tensed to start as I am one of the only few females working there and am also comparatively younger. I feel like I won’t be able to fit in and work as efficient as my other co-workers despite being just as qualified as them. This is causing me to dread going to work and I feel very anxious and stressed thinking about starting work. Please help me with the same. Thank you.

Ans: There seems to be immense stress and anxiety as you have stressed upon these terms repeatedly. The key to enter a situation where you are unsure of your opponent or the competition for that matter is to be confident within self. Once you start questioning and comparing yourself with others the self-confidence if low could lead to self esteem taking a lot of beating. The dread and anxiety has a lot to do with this low self-esteem and unless the self confidence and more so confidence to be able to hold your ground based on your knowledge despite your age is prominent, the cycle will keep continuing.

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