Agony Aunt gives expert advice on overcoming fear of getting fired and resolving career conflicts

Matter of survival 

It’s difficult to adjust and balance my working performance as a corporate lawyer in a reputed law firm. There’s a lot of formal relation between the employees and it makes me feel as if I am not appropriate for this task assigned to me. I wish to quit for it, but soon realise the importance of this prestigious company and the betterment of my career. How should I deal with this environment and cope with others making it easy for my survival ahead?

Ans: The issue probably lays in the formal approach everyone around has already adopted and you are expected to adopt so that all of you are on the same page as far as work environment is considered. Being unsure of whether you are fit to do the task assigned to you needs to be evaluated as it seems independent of what kind of relations float in the work space. In order to make the survival easy for you in the firm, being comfortable with the job profile is essential as that is defining your place in the firm. Once you are confident you will also radiate that towards your colleagues and establish a functional yet quality relationship with them.

Fear of getting fired

I love my post as a personal assistant to the principal of a college in Mumbai. Few days ago I had taken couple of days off for personal reason, because of which the principal got really angry and appointed someone else in the interim. I fear he will hire this new person instead of me as I am not entrusted with enough work since I have resumed. It is causing immense stress and worry in me. Please help.

Ans: Every workplace has certain policies in place for employee leaves to avoid discrepancies and miscommunication. In your case since you have taken personal time off and your boss seems to be miffed by it speaking to him about the necessity to take the leave is essential not to defend yourself but to at least be in the clear and not leave things to assumptions. Your fear is quite palpable as the job seems to be important to you. Talking it out with your boss would definitely help alleviate your fear and stress.

When hardwork doesn’t gets paid-off

I am a 25-year-old civil engineer working in a mid-size firm. I got inducted in the firm right after my graduation. I am very work oriented and good at my work. However, at times I feel people who are not as capable get the best deal due to their age and seniority. I have put in serious efforts to be at a certain position at the work front, but all goes to vain and I feel de-motivated to be working hard. What is the way out of this issue?

Ans: The workplace culture is something to take into consideration here i.e. whether the work culture is encouraging towards new ideas and hard work or does it function on the conventional ways of following hierarchy. In case your workplace doesn’t appreciate the qualities you have, looking for a place that would provide you with such a platform is essential. Your de-motivation is at present correlated with the post you are working at thus creating dissatisfaction. Changing the perception here could help you value your efforts than be de-motivated and disheartened.

Agony Aunt gives expert advice on overcoming fear of getting fired and resolving career conflicts

Career conflicts 

I am a 30-year-old man. I have been working at a business firm for about two years now. I find that my job isn’t offering me any scope for new learning. I am doing this exact same work since the time I joined and I want to learn more and explore different areas related to my work. I cannot quit, because I am the only supporting member in my family and my income is really important. I want to apply for new jobs but have low self-esteem. I don’t know if I will get selected for a good-paying job or no. I am very confused. What do I do?

Ans: The issues you have mentioned are all interlinked and thus require little untangling so that there is overall resolution. Firstly, working on your self esteem is very essential as the key to approach any situation confidently is to be self confident. The doubts of whether you will find a job or not is a result of this low confidence, thus uplifting the confidence might also help changing outlook towards life. Your needs and wants are different than what your current job is providing you with. However, along with money being a major deciding factor, satisfaction at work is also essential. You can opt for working with a psychologist for the self esteem so that gradually you are able to make decisions that would benefit financially as well as personally.

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