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Public Notice:

In general terms public notice is to inform the public at large about some facts. Public Notices are published by Individuals, Company, Government Organisations, etc. Further as per Law notices are to be published in newspapers at instruction of the Court or Acts, such notices can be of various lengths and can include text or images and sometimes even both.

Several types of notices can be booked such as Auction of Property, Claim against Legal Heirs, Possession Notice, Redevelopment - Intimation / Clearance / Termination, Affidavit, SRA Clearance, Environment Clearance, Ownership Notice, Dissolution of Oral Agreement Between Buyer & Seller. You can also book legal & company notices at best rates for both newspapers The Free Press Journal (English) & Navshakti (Marathi).

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Types of Public Notice Ads

Public Notice Ads
Public Notice of

Investigation of Property

When you are purchasing the property, it involves purchaser and seller. It very important to see that the property you are purchasing is having clear marketable title. Therefore public notice ads for inviting any objections/claims to the property to be purchased is invited in the Public Notice.

Documents Required: Society Letter and Advocate Letter

Public notice format for misplace sale agreement.
Public Notice of

Misplaced Sale Agreement

When we misplace the sale agreement of our flat, office, etc. it important to give public notice ad in the newspaper, in order to bring the fact of the lost of the documents.

Documents Required: Society Letter and Advocate Letter

Public Notice for Office Shifting
Public Notice of

Office Shifting

When you shift your office, business premises, it is important to give public notice of change of address of your office, so that the public at large come to know your new office address.

Documents Required: Company Letter

Public notice of Loss of Share Certificate
Public Notice of

Loss of Share Certificate

When any member of the co-operative societies, misplace his/her share certificate and when he/she applied for duplicate share certificate. The Societies ask its members to give public notice ad in the newspaper informing the public the loss of the share certificate.

Documents Required: Society Letter
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Public notice for Sale of Property
Public Notice of


When an individual wants to sell his/her property or wants to rent his/her property, he/she can give a public notice ad to get a good offer for his/her property. Further Bank and Financial Institution gives auction notice for sale of the property attached by them.

Documents Required:Advocate Letter
Public notice for Misplaced documents or marksheets, Pancard, Aadhar Card
Public Notice of

Misplaced Documents

When any important documents are misplaced or left out in a train, bus or taxi, a public notice ad is given in newspaper informing the public at large.

Documents Required: Society Letter and FIR Copy
Public notice for Winding up of Company
Public Notice of

Winding Up

In Winding up Petition of the Company, a Public Notice is to be given in the newspapers as per the Court Directions.

Documents Required: Company Letter
Download format
Change of name for passport
Public Notice of

Change of Name

When you change your surname, name, religion, etc. you have to publish Public Notice of change of name. This public notice can also be used as a proof when applying for Passport

Documents Required: Aadhar Card and Affidavit and Gazatte Copy
Download format
Public notice of Revocation of Power of Attorney
Public Notice of

Revocation of POA

If a Power Of Attorney holder wants to revoke the Power Of Attorney given to any other person, he she has to give public note in newspaper that he/she had revoked the power given to that person and in future not to deal with that person.

Documents Required: Advocate Letter
Public notice of Flat Transfer when owner dies without nomination
Public Notice of

Flat Transfer

Mostly Co-operative Housing Society asks the legal heir of its member, who have not filed the nomination form, to give public notice inviting any objections of other legal heirs of its member in transferring the flat.

Documents Required: Society Letter
Download format
Public Notice for Summons of Court
Public Notice of

Summons of Courts

As per the Court order, court summons are served on the Defendants / Respondents through Public Notice in the newspapers at the address where Defendants / Respondents last resided.

Documents Required: Court Order and Advocate Letter

Public Notice Ads Format

Marathi Public Notice Ads Format

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