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Women across the globe are boycotting Twitter today over sexual harassment concerns, online abuse


Today is a black day for the social media giant Twitter. Women across the globe are joining hand to boycott Twitter for 24 hours over sexual harassment concerns, and the company’s inability to control vicious abuse dished out by the growing number of trolls. Over the years, women have been complaining about abusive behaviours and trolls, but there is no strict guidelines for such things.

#WomenBoycottTwitter has been trending nationally in India from 10 am and this campaign of self-censorship, is meant to awaken the social media platform to the need for stringent policies to control, regulate and take action against abusive accounts.

The boycott reportedly started internationally after Twitter suspended the account of Rose McGowan, an American actor who accused Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment. The social media giant that cannot contain trolls who upload explicit images or make blasphemous comments, accused McGowan of violating its terms and policies.

Many Twitter users called that ridiculous, arguing that Twitter rules are not enforced fairly, and saying many users who use hate language and threaten violence — especially against women — are not punished.

“The sheer number of trolls and right-wing ne’er-do-wells infesting Twitter are driving women away,” writer Ana Valens told Gizmodo. “The boycott shows Twitter that they can’t ignore this problem any longer.”