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Woman in Spain arrested for committing 67 crimes in six months


London: A woman in Spain has been arrested after allegedly committing 67 crimes within a period of six months, using her 19-year-old daughter as an accomplice.  The 44-year-old woman from San Blas, Madrid, is accused of one robbery involving violence and intimidation; another 11 robberies with force; 15 crimes of falsified documents; 15 counts of stolen identity and 25 incidents of scam. Police said the woman managed to commit all alleged crimes in less than six months, using her daughter as an accomplice, according to Spanish newspaper 20minutos. Police began investigating in November of last year when they learned about various robberies where documents and wallets were stolen from victims and later used to make online purchases, obtain credit and set up telephone lines. El Pais newspaper reported that the mother, Maria Milagros, has been arrested previously for similar crimes. When police went to the woman’s house, they found multiple objects from the crimes, including six national identity documents, two computers, four pen drives, a large quantity of the items purchased online, eight phone cards and a falsified work contract, according to ‘the Local’.