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Watch Video: Japanese PM Shinzo Abe’s ‘great fall’ while playing golf with Donald Trump goes viral


US President Donald Trump’s love for golf is no secret. So naturally, it wasn’t a surprise when in his recent Asia tour he went out golfing with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the sprawling Kasumi Country Club. But, what came out as an unexpected twist was a golf gaffe that too, one that didn’t involve Trump. Wondering what?

Japnese PM, dressed in a white sweater, hit a shot and was making his way up out of a bunker. But he suddenly lost balance and rolled down. But, to save the embarrassment in front of another foreign leader, he got back on his feet swiftly in a reflex, almost like a Ninja. Although, Trump did not notice the flip, a Japanese TV who had sent choppers to record their camaraderie caught the PM’s amazing acrobatic skill and before he knew it, the clip went viral online.

Some cast some doubt as to whether that’s really Abe in the widely reported clip. Other images from the round show him wearing a dark shirt while the man in the video is wearing a white one but either way, it made for great internet, especially in Japan.

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