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Watch: Two men scale 3 floors to save a three-year-old girl dangling from the building


Two men rescued a three-year-old girl hanging from a balcony of a building in China. Their heroics was captured on camera. According to a report by CCTV Plus, the incident took place in Changshu, the Jiangsu province of China. The two men deliver courier for living, when they saw the girl hanging from the bars of the balcony they immediately scaled several floors of the building to reach the child.

“It was about ten o’clock in the morning when I saw the little girl dangling outside the window, totally naked. I saw a man got off a vehicle and dashed to the building. He swiftly climbed up to save the child,” told a witness of the incident to the news channel.

According to the same report, the child was left alone at home by her father as she was sleeping. However, after waking up she unlocked the window and crawled outside. She was safely rescued before her father returned.