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Vladimir Putin opponent splashed with green liquid


Moscow: A leading political opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin was splashed with a green liquid by an unidentified assailant, the media reported.

The incident took place in Barnaul in Siberia where Kremlin critic and Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was campaigning, reported on Monday.

The assailant managed to flee from the scene.

According to officials, green liquid is commonly used as an antiseptic in Russia and can stain skin for days although it is harmless. In a blog post, Navalny said he first suspected the liquid was acid but later joked saying it left him looking like the animated green ogre ‘Shrek’.

“I will be opening a headquarters in Barnaul as if I’m from the film The Mask! Cool. Even my teeth are green!”, he tweeted.

The anti-corruption activist visited Barnaul to open his headquarters in his bid for Russia’s 2018 presidential elections, reports

Navalny rose to prominence in 2011 and 2012 when he led a series of anti-government demonstrations in Moscow.