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UK police arrest Dawood’s key aide Jabir Moti at London’s Hilton Hotel


LONDON: A key aide of Dawood Ibrahim, India’s most wanted terrorist, was arrested by British police from London’s Hilton Hotel on Friday. Jabir Siddiq, aka Jabir Moti, is believed to be the right-hand man of Dawood, and manages his investments in the UK, UAE and around the world.

The Pakistani national, reportedly in the UK on a 10-year visa, is likely to have been held on drugs related charges. With the arrest of the custodian of Dawood’s dark secrets, law has moved a step closer to bringing Dawood to justice. Jabir manages investment in Dawood’s businesses spanning across Pakistan and areas covering the Middle East, the UK and Europe, Africa and countries of South East Asia.

Sources reveal that Dawood’s earnings from these businesses and other unlawful activities like illegal arms business, narcotics trade, extortion rackets and real estate business are used for financing terrorists to carry out anti-India operations. Jabir is believed to be playing a key role in movement of Dawood Ibrahim’s family to the UK. He himself owns property in the residential compound owned by Dawood’s family in Karachi.

Of late, Jabir was also looking for dual nationality status in Barbados and Antigua and Dominican Republic and a Permanent Resident status in Hungary. The questioning of Moti is expected to yield vital information on the activities of the D Company members in the UK, hither to kept under wraps, and the imminent danger the ‘D Company’ poses to the UK in particular and Europe in general “We are unable to release any details at this stage,” a spokesperson for London’s Metropolitan Police said. Dawood, the mastermind of the Mumbai serial bomb blasts in 1993, remains the only ‘Indian national’ on the UK Treasury department’s list of financial sanctions targets