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Tunisia suggests UN-controlled operation in Libya


Paris: Tunisia’s prime minister would support a UN-supervised counter-terrorism operation by Mediterranean countries to end the violence and anarchy in Libya but said he opposed other forms of foreign intervention in that country.

In an interview published Tuesday by the French daily Le Figaro, Tunisia’s interim Prime Minister, Mehdi Jomaa, said he believed that a dialogue between Libya’s different “factions” was the only solution to the country’s crisis.

But at the same time, he added, Libya’s instability represented a source of concern for the whole region, and affected the transitional period of Tunisia’s new government which took office last week.

The prime minister underscored that terrorism experienced by Tunisia originated in Libya, and that it was normal for neighbouring countries to act together against common threats provided they respected international law and accepted UN supervision.

In that framework action against terrorist groups was necessary but one that stopped short of outright war, Jomaa said after conferring Monday with his French counterpart, Manuel Valls, on bilateral and regional issues.