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Trump could ‘bankrupt’ US like his firms: Hillary


Washington: Democratic presidential front- runner Hillary Clinton has alleged that Donald Trump could “bankrupt” America like his companies as the controversial presumptive Republican nominee’s economics is a “recipe” for lower wages, fewer jobs and more debt.

“Ask yourself, how could anybody lose money running a casino? Really? And that is not all. I hear every day from families who are afraid of what a Donald Trump presidency would mean for millions of immigrants living and working in America,” Clinton, 68, said as she mocked Trump, 69.

“Trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs, more debt. He could bankrupt America like he has bankrupted his companies,” the former secretary of state said yesterday in her address to the 2016 International Convention of the Service Employees International Union in Detroit.

In her speech, Clinton reiterated her commitment to introducing comprehensive immigration reform in the first 100 days in office and building on President Barack Obama’s executive actions in order to keep families together.

Clinton warned of the consequences of a Donald Trump presidency that would deport 11 million immigrants and tear hardworking families apart.

She emphasised that the stakes could not be higher because Donald Trump’s vision for America is to send a “deportation force” to schools, workplaces and homes to round up children, mothers, fathers and grandparents.

“We have to reject this wrong vision for America with one strong, clear voice. We have to stand up for hardworking American families and that includes hard-working immigrant families. Moms and dads should be preparing their kids for their futures – not for the possibility that they could be hauled away at any moment.

“When Donald Trump talks about deporting 11 million immigrants, he is talking about ripping apart families like Karla’s. He is talking about sending a ‘deportation force’ to schools, workplaces and homes to round up moms, dads, grandparents, even children,” Clinton said.

She said when he talks about ending birthright citizenship, he is talking about kicking children who are born here out of the only country they know. When he calls immigrants rapists and murderers, he is talking about families like Karla’s and many of yours.

“The most important measure of any society is how we treat those at the beginning, our children and those at the end, the elderly. What kind of country would we be if we let Donald Trump rip our families apart?,” she added.