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Thousands gather in Jerusalem for Palestinian teenager’s funeral


London: Thousands of people gathered in East Jerusalem to attend the funeral of a Palestinian teenager, Mohammad Abu Khdair, who was murdered recently.

Khdair’s family said he was killed as a result of revenge in the murders of three Israelis in June. However, police have not been able to find the appropriate reason behind the murder.

According to the BBC, the boy was buried at a cemetery close to his house in the Shufat district.

There were clashes between the Palestinians and Israeli police before and after the funeral.

Even while the funeral was going on, Palestinian militants and Israeli soldiers exchanged fire into each other’s country.

An agreement was yet to be reached between the two sides, said a Hamas official.

An Israeli official said that it was up to Hamas if they wanted to maintain peace or continue with violence.

According to reports, the body had been badly burnt after the murder that further slowed the process of identification.

An Israeli police spokesman said that 6 officers were taken to hospital out of 13 injured officers.

Around 30 Palestinians were injured by rubber bullets and dozens more harmed by effects of tear gas.