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Teacher in China staples 4-year-old student’s ear, suspended


stapler piercing

Beijing: A teacher in China’s southeast Fujian Province has been suspended for stapling a four-year- old student’s ear as a punishment. Feng Wu, from Jiangle County, was reportedly acting up when his teacher Lan Li decided to staple his ear to teach him and his classmates a lesson.

The teacher was suspended after she sent the student home on June 8 with a staple in his ear. The child’s mother posted images of his swollen ear online, explaining that she found the staple as she was giving him a bath and he began crying in pain, according to Fujian Province’s official portal.

When she asked what happened, he said his teacher used a stapler to pierce his ears during lunch break. The teacher taught at the Jiangle County Art Kindergarten, the mother wrote in the post. The county education bureau confirmed the incident and has already taken action against the teacher in question.

According to NetEase News, she has been suspended is now under police investigation for professional misconduct. Meanwhile, representatives from the kindergarten and the education bureau have paid home visits to the boy’s family to offer apologies and express sympathies.

The case follows various reports of abuse at the hands of kindergarten teachers in China. Last year, a young kindergarten teacher wrapped up a student’s head and hands with plastic tape and even shared the pictures to her friends on WeChat.

Another teacher in Beijing was caught on film hitting, kicking and screaming at her kindergarten students.