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Taslima Nasreen’s Facebook profile disabled


Kolkata: Controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen’s Facebook account was disabled after her posts were reported by Islamic fundamentalists, the author said on Wednesday.

“Since Tuesday my Facebook account has been disabled. Despite several requests, the Facebook authorities have not revived my account. They have done it to pacify the Islamic fundamentalists, who don’t me to share my thoughts on the social media,” Nasreen told IANS from New Delhi.

The exiled writer slammed Facebook authorities for denying her the medium to interact with her readers.

“I am banned from entering Bangladesh and West Bengal; my readers can’t access my writings because they too are banned. So, I was using Facebook as a media to connect with my readers. But even that is not being allowed.

“The Facebook authorities are not at all concerned with numerous fake accounts that exist on my name, but have all the reservations against my authentic account only to pacify Muslim fundamentalists who don’t want me to share my thoughts,” added Nasreen.

Nasreen, who provoked the ire of fundamentalists, had to leave Bangladesh in 1998 after her novel “Lajja” (shame) hit the stands, and said her account was deleted on several occasions earlier as well.

“My account was revived after being disabled several times but this time I have lost hope. Many of my writings have vanished,” said the author, whose Facebook profile under the name ‘Nasreen Taslima’ had more than a lakh followers.